Fields participants complete on one sign up sheet - custom field names, data you collect

By TimeToSignUp Support

Updated 8 months ago

To specify fields for a specific sign up sheet on TimeToSignUp that participants complete when signing up on your sign up sheets, please follow these steps:

  1. Log in
  2. Go to your sign up sheet
  3. Using the "Sign Up Sheet Administrator Options..." drop-down menu
     select "Custom Fields."
  4. Edit the fields that you are currently using by renaming them (changing the text that displays when participants sign up) or changing them to optional, required, or hidden (won't be seen by participants when signing up).
  5. Gather new information from participants when signing up by using one of the unused fields: change from "hidden" to "optional" or "required," and change the desired text (such as "Mobile Phone Number").
  6. When finished, click on the "Save Required Fields & Alternate Field Names" button.

Note 1: Changing the custom fields for one sign up sheet affects the current sign up sheet. If you want to change the fields for all sign up sheets in your account, use the account-wide settings.
Note 2: You cannot change the name of the first name, last name or email address fields. First name and last name are always required; email address can be optional, required, or hidden.

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