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TimeToSignUp Platinum subscribers can create registration forms. 

Registration Form

Please note - these are not TimeToSignUp's "sign up sheets" for items in columns. You can read about the differences

Steps to create a registration form:

  1. Log in to your TimeToSignUp account.
  2. Click on Create a Registration Form

    *If you are using a mobile device, click on Create a new registration form:
  3. Give the form a title. Also you can optionally give instructions or add a comment. These instructions/comment will appear above the form when a participant views the registration form.

  4. If you need to limit the number of registrations, enter a number for the maximum number of participants. If you do not enter a number, the maximum defaults to 999,999 (we hope that's enough!).

  5. Click Continue Creating Registration Form

  6. When you create a registration form, it has no fields for participants to enter data. Your next step is to add fields. Most likely this is Name, Email Address, Phone Number. You have your choice of what data you want to collect.

    Start by clicking Add Field

  7. Design your field using the options that appear on the screen:
    Enter a field name. This can be for the participant's name, address, phone number, etc.
    If the field is for the participant's email address, change Type to Email Address. There are several options for Type; the most commonly used are Text Box and Email Address.
    You can make the field required (participant must enter data), optional (participant can leave blank), or hidden (field is not available for participant to enter data)
    Enter a number for the order in which the field should be displayed on the form. For example, the first field you want to display on the form should have 1, the second field should have 2, etc.
    It's nice to have your data sorted when you are viewing the participants. You can alphabetize the data by two of your fields (one primary, one secondary). Usually sign up sheet creators choose their Name (or Last Name) field to be the Primary way to alphabetize registrants.
    After you have entered the name, type, required, order and alphabetize options, press Save Field.

  8. Your new field will appear on the screen in table form:
  9. To add additional fields to your form, repeat the process of entering a field name, type, etc in the field options area. (If the field options are not showing, press Add Field.)

  10. If you need to change an existing field's options, double-click on the option in the table of fields, make your changes, then press the Enter key.

  11. To view your form, click on the link to it near the top of the screen:

  12. When you are logged in and viewing your registration form, you will see admin options.
    Add & Edit Fields allows you to add more fields for participants to enter data, or edit existing fields.
    View/Edit Detailed Registrations allows you to see who has signed up on your registration form.
    Don't worry - participants will not see these options. You're seeing them because you are logged in as the admin. Participants will see the registration fields.

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