Thank You Emails

By TimeToSignUp Support

Updated 9 months ago

TimeToSignUp administrators can send thank you emails directly from the web interface.

  1. Log in
  2. Go to the sign up sheet
  3. Use the "Sign Up Sheet Administrator Options" drop-down menu to select "Send a Thank You Email"
  4. On the next screen enter a subject of the email
  5. Enter your text for the body of the message.
    - To have TimeToSignUp fill in the participant's first name when sending the email, use %first_name% in the body of the message
    - To have TimeToSignUp fill in the participant's last name when sending the email, use %last_name% in the body of the message
    - To have TimeToSignUp include the items for which the participant signed up, use %items% in the body of the message
  6. Click "Continue to Step 2" so that you can view a preview of the message
  7. On the next screen, click "Continue to Step 3" if you are happy with the preview, or click "Go Back" if you need to make edits
  8. Use the checkboxes to select the participant and the items for which you are sending the thank you email
  9. After selecting the participants/items, click on "Send Message." Your participants will receive thank you emails!

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